Your Time & Money

Your Time & Money

There shouldn't be a price put on meeting a special someone or companion, but it doesn't have to end up costing you a fortune in time or money either... 

Andy met June* online and after a couple of weeks chatting over messenger, they met up for a first date. Andy had a good feeling about their connection and because they'd already got to know one another online, he skipped the coffee date and planned a more involved evening. 

They went to dinner at a nice restaurant, followed by cocktails down at the Viaduct. To be a gentleman, he picked up the bills and after also paying for his Uber trips he'd ended up forking out about $220.00 for the evening. Both Andy and June had a good evening, but it didn't get to a second date unfortunately.

According to a study by Elite Singles, Auckland is relatively high on the list of most expensive cities to date. Only Oslo, Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Stockholm and London are more expensive. When there is the added pressure of money, we can see why some people might prefer to meet people online and not take those wallet-emptying risks.

Date With Eight wants to make meeting new singles convenient, affordable, and worthwhile; so by curating a range of dates for you to attend, you can focus on more important things. Pre-paying means that you only have to pay for yourself and when dates start from as little as $10, the risks are kept pretty low.  

Attending a Date With Eight introduces you to others you could set your next  1-1 date up with, so when you do find someone that you're sure you want to spend your hard-earned cash on, then pull out all the stops.

- Jess Page, Date With Eight

*Obviously not their real names