The Perks of Being Single Over Summer

The Perks of Being Single Over Summer

Mon, 16th Nov 2020

We are so lucky in New Zealand, to currently be on the flip side of a pandemic that the rest of the world is hiding from. So it’s certainly not all doom and gloom if you find yourself unattached over the summer – let’s be honest, things could be way worse. 

Here is Dateable’s list of what there is to enjoy about summer in NZ – even if you are single: 

Summertime Festive Fun

From Christmas backyard BBQs to beachside music festivals to concerts at the vineyards, summer is officially the season for socialising. Unless you have hermits for friends, you can be sure that you’re all in the same boat when it comes to enjoying the summer and having fun, no matter what your relationship status is. Rather than fretting about being the ‘single one’, enjoy the fact you have the freedom to kick back and let loose and do what YOU want to do, rather than working around someone else’s plans and preferences. 

It’s Wedding Season

Forget the fact you don’t have a plus one on the invite; rock up in your best frock or duds with your gift under arm and enjoy the flowing beverages, yummy food, music and dancing. And if there happens to be a hot single cousin (not your cousin!) that catches your eye, then with a bit of courage, have a chat, have a dance, exchange numbers and consider it the easiest first date you ever had!  

Pick Up a New Hobby

Okay, this is a 2-for-1, because not only will you be picking up some new skills, there is the potential to meet other likeminded singles at whichever hobby lesson you choose. Summer is conducive to outdoor activity hobbies, so how about learning to surf? Kayaking? Try your hand at archery or fishing? Get some swing coaching on the golf course? Or how about scuba ping? Any of these can take you right across NZ, and when we can eventually travel globally again, will serve your activity needs well while on holiday.

Lazy Summer Dayz

With work on a break over Christmas and New Year, there may be some sunny days when you want laze and graze in the backyard in your boxers or bikini, G&T in hand and your favourite tunes on the UE Boom. Eat when you want. Dance when you want. Shower when you want. No-one around to judge. 

Summer Travel

Since the Bali vay-cay is out of the picture, one of the best things about summer for anyone in New Zealand is that we have incredible landscapes and beaches to hike, camp, surf, and travel around. Whether it’s a coastal road trip, hopping on a flight, or cruising on a boat, there are a tonne of great ways to experience summer either on your own or with friends. There may be plenty of time later for travelling as a couple or part of a family, so for now, enjoy the freedom of travelling solo and only needing to pack supplies for one. 

Sunshine Vibes and Summertime Dating

Summertime is great for dating and summer romances! Most of us will feel refreshed from having some time off work, some look and feel better with a sun tan (still slip, slop slap though!) and as sunlight naturally boosts moods (from the release of serotonin - our happy chemical) people are more willing to get out and engage socially. And with that, the days are longer, the weather is nicer and everyone’s outdoors. 

Since you’ll be too busy having a ball this summer, let Dateable set some dates up for you. This modern day matchmaking service is the dating concierge for busy singles. They’re dedicated to finding your match and setting you up with first date suggestions in your city, taking all the stress out of dating. 

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