The Best Things About Being Single Over Summer

The Best Things About Being Single Over Summer

Mon, 1st Jan 2018

Sure, being single can be a downer sometimes. It’s nice to have a regular person to spend time with and share experiences. However, being single is increasingly common and that’s okay. There’s plenty of fun to be had while flying solo. 

In fact, sometimes being paired up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As the summertime rolls in, the fun is just getting started. If you’re single, here’s a few reasons to celebrate it this summer:

Two Words: Wedding Season

Weddings are great. When you’re rolling in with only a gift as your plus one: they can be even better. Besides the free food and drink, there’s music, dancing, and usually a lot of other single people who are looking to socialise as well. Make it even more interesting and get your hands on the flying bouquet! 

It’s Party Season

From backyard BBQs to beachside music festivals, summer is officially the king of all seasons when it comes to partying. Sure, it’s nice to share those times with a partner but sometimes you want the freedom to kick back and let loose.

Summer Travel

Hiking, camping, surfing, or traveling abroad: summer is the perfect time for travelling. Whether it’s a road trip down the coast or hopping on a flight; going solo (or with friends) is a great way to celebrate and enjoy the fun. 

There will be plenty of time later for travelling as a couple or part of a family. For now, enjoy the freedom of traveling as a single man or woman. 

It’s Dating Season

Dating is made for singles. Summertime is great for dating. Connect the dots. It’s easier to meet people in the summer. The weather is nice, everyone’s outdoors, and few businesses close down due to bright sunshine and beautiful weather. 

But dating can be a high-pressure situation with a lot to consider. Are you ready to settle down? What are you looking for? Where do you go? That’s why Date With Eight presents a unique opportunity for low-pressure, fun-filled group dating. 

Since summer is the best time to get out, have fun, and meet people; you deserve an opportunity to meet other singles like you without the pressure and stress of a one-on-one date. Simply sign-up, choose the dates you’d like to go on, and have fun with 7 other singles just like you. 

It’s a great way to kick off the summer single season with all the fun and none of the stress!