New Year... New Approach!

New Year... New Approach!

Sun, 1st Jan 2017

The new year is just around the corner and yes, reusing last year’s New Year’s resolution, ‘Get a boyfriend & live happily ever after’ is acceptable.

Dating is difficult. Putting yourself out there is daunting and as much as I want to join the ‘In a relationship’ category, I don’t think I can bear another Tinder date, or awkward 1-1 conversation with someone about how much he loves Star Wars. Farewell 2016 – it’s been fun (and interesting) but let’s be honest, I’ve been through the dating ringer and need something new. 

New year, new (but old) goals, fresh approach…. Date With Eight. 

Okay, so I’m told not to freak out – it’s not a group orgy and I’m not expected to throw my keys in the middle of a dance circle, however, it is ‘dating with a difference’ and something that might raise a few eyebrows. Unlike the online dating I’ve done recently, it’s a group date with 7 other singles, and you actually meet people face to face first without having seen (and judged) a photo-shopped selfie.

The concept is simple. Date With Eight organises the event – and I select the ones I want to attend based on my age, what generally interests me and what I can afford. That I can do. Then socialise… talk…. flirt…. exchange numbers, be human and hopefully Mr Right will be on one of these dates too. Date With Eight don’t claim to be a match-making service, but an events service – providing opportunities for singles to mingle. 

The whole idea of dating in a group with seven other singles actually makes a lot of sense. When I think about it, it’s no different from meeting a stranger in a bar, dating a friend of a friend of a friend whom I’ve never met before, or signing up to date a stranger through an agency. On a Date With Eight my other single friends can sign up to attend the same date as me; not so we can all fight over the same guy with the man bun, but so I can feel a little more at ease, for at least the first date. 

Date With Eight has a line up of some pretty impressive venues and activities for their first events in February. Add to that, the fact that dates are all pre-booked and paid, means there is very little thinking required – other than what the hell am I going to wear?!? It’s also very fitting that the very first dates are scheduled for Valentine’s Day; Perhaps it won’t be another solo V.Day for me, on the couch with a bottle of chardonnay watching reruns of Ab Fab. I guess if I don’t meet a love interest on any of my dates, at least I know I’m going to get yum food and drink, discover new eateries or activities, or come away with knowing how to whip up a tortellini or tiramisu. 

So, I’ve signed up. Before my first ‘ultimate blind date’ I’ll probably need a shot of tequila; but I think what I will need most, is to keep an open mind and willingness to give it a go. Forget the dating disasters of the past – 2017 is my year to Date With Eight, find a boyfriend and live happily ever after.