Stephenie Couch

Life Coach

Certified Clifton Strengths Coach

Based in Auckland.
Available for in-person and Zoom appointments.

"Take joy in your dating life by having confidence in who you are."

Experiencing the breakdown in my parents’ marriage at a young age opened my eyes to the complexities of relationships. If only it were as simple as the movies! I have spent many years reflecting and observing people to see what makes healthy relationships that last.

Taking the time to know yourself and how you interact with others will encourage meaningful communication in your relationships and the confidence to be in a relationship. When you feel more comfortable with who you are and even who you're not, you’re free to enjoy talking with any person that sits across the table from you. Take joy in your dating life by having confidence in who you are... you’re so dateable, so worth it, and so meant to be you!

What to expect

  • 90 mins in-person or Zoom appointment
  • I will send a link to the Clifton Strengths Finder assessment prior to the session, this is to be taken at least one week out from our appointment
  • We will initially spend a wee bit of time getting to know one another and then jump right in! We will spend about 90 minutes unpacking the top five results and I will ask lots of questions to help uncover where these talents are working in your life
  • We will wrap up with a practical "where to from here" exercise that you will have to take home from the session
  • Notes from the session can be provided for an extra $15

Your investment: $187.00 (inc. GST)

Includes the cost of CliftonStrengths Assessment ($37.00) followed by session with Stephenie

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Cancellation and refund terms

  • If cancellation is less than 48 hours a $20 rescheduling fee applies
  • The cost of the assessment is non-refundable, the coaching session can be rescheduled.

About Stephenie

Life and love are so complex...because people are so wonderfully complex! Since childhood Stephenie has loved surrounding herself with people and discovering what makes them tick. It is no surprise that this love of people led her into 15 years of people development, mentoring, and coaching. The belief that underpins everything that Stephenie does is that healthy relationships- both with others and with ourselves- is foundational to live your best life.

When Stephenie first discovered Cliftonstrengths 9 years ago it blew her mind! She had found something that shed light in areas she never knew existed and gave language to what she was wanting to understand about herself in relation to the world. It helped her see ways she could be authentic and confident in who she is (which was great timing as she began her first real relationship) shortly after! She is still learning how to love well alongside Josh and their two young children.

Stephenie takes joy in discovering what is unique and amazing about each person then providing some practical guidance to help them develop their natural talents into strengths… and smash any goal they may have! Whether that goal is internal (personal development) or external (getting something done!) she would love to be alongside that journey with you.

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