Sarah Murphy

Personal Stylist

Based in Auckland.
Available for in-person and Zoom appointments.

"Feeling content and comfortable - your best unapologetic self while at the same time growing and expanding personal expression. It’s something I feel we should all strive for."

I believe everyone should feel their best self, taking time and care to fine tune your personal style/s, and think about a styling session less as a luxury and more as a resource and self care!

Sometimes it takes an outside eye to work with what you have and offer up suggestions to help you evolve. I can help you curate options to dress for anything from a coffee date, an adventure, a fine dining experience, anything in between, making it a fun experience, not something that is daunting.

A lot of people I've worked with find that when you put some time into their look they naturally feel more confident inside, and that's the main goal, to feel your best inside... outside in, inside out... It's quite simple!

Online style

An online session to assess your style, create a look for your date and an option of links Sarah will send through recognised wardrobe gaps, online shopping made easy!

40 minutes: $115.00 (inc. GST)

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Your personal wardrobe style

Sarah will come to your place (within 20km of Auckland CBD) and evaluate your current wardrobe, suggest some must haves and piece together great looks for your first date, everyday looks, work style or whatever your needs are. Personalised shopping trips additional.

2 hours: $288.00 (inc. GST)

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Shop with Sarah

An initial phone call or video call to chat about what you currently have in your wardrobe followed by a two hour shopping trip to curate your style and fill recognised wardrobe gaps. Sarah will help you create your very own digital wardrobe, the best resource to help make getting dressed a breeze and enjoyable. You can refer to your digital wardrobe and feel confident and look forward to getting dressed for anything from a work day to a date.

3 hours: $400.00 (inc. GST)

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Cancellation and refund terms

  • Minimum of 7 days notice before the booking date to cancel with no​ ​charge.
  • If cancelling within 7 days a fee is charged (20% of the total booking cost)
  • Minimum 2 days notice to reschedule a booking at no charge.
  • If rescheduling with less than 24hrs notice a fee is charged​ ​(20% of the total booking cost).

About Sarah

With over 15 years experience Sarah Murphy is a fashion stylist who works with a range of people, including business leaders (both women and men), musicians, broadcasters, actors and other entertainers developing a style narrative that works in harmony with her clients' personal brands and creative aesthetics.

Whether she is helping Six60 dress for a milestone concert or styling a news reader for a magazine spread, Sarah’s philosophy is the same, "Feeling content and comfortable - your best unapologetic self while at the same time growing and expanding personal expression, even if it's taking a small step out of your comfort zone! It’s something I feel we should all strive for," says Sarah.

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