Our 'Why?'

Computers have algorithms, people have intuition and chemistry. There is nothing more natural than starting a relationship with eye-contact and a real conversation.

More and more New Zealanders are giving up on digital dating, and searching for opportunities to explore authentic connections beyond the screen. Dateable was created with that in mind and uses human knowledge, insight and intuition, not algorithms and generic quizzes, to find great matches for people who want a genuine connection.

Finding love, companionship and happiness will be one of the most important things you have in your life, so it’s worth the effort right? We’re here to help and genuinely want all our clients to find love.

Jess, founder of Dateable, was introduced to ‘the one’ over 12 years ago by her work colleague, Alida, who had an inkling that she would be well matched to her son’s friend. Thanks to Alida’s intuition and knowledge of their common interests, Jess followed her instincts and met Luke on a blind date. They hit it off instantly and discovered a real connection. The rest they say is history, but they’ve now been married over 7 years and have 2 kids together.

That brings us back to our purpose… To introduce you to dateable singles that you can discover a real connection with. Take a leap of faith, have an open mind and let Dateable find you that special someone and your ‘happily ever after’ beyond the screen.

How Does It Work?


Complete your registration on the website, and choose to become either a client or a member. We’ll ask you to upload a variety of photos, but only your profile photograph may be shared with your potential match, so make it a goodie! The other photos are only for us to see, to get a better idea of who you are and who you might be best suited to.


This is where your dating concierge steps in. For those who have signed up as ‘clients’ we actively search our database for suitable matches for you. Using our knowledge and intuition, we analyse profile information and photographs of other clients and members. We don’t match you with just anyone either - this process can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months - so bear with us!


Along the way, we may get in touch with you by text, phone, or email to discuss some things to help with our process, so make sure your contact details are up to date.


When we make a dateable match, we’ll get in touch with you and your match. You’ll see their profile pic, first name, age, and interests. We’ll also give you a brief explanation of why we matched you.


If you both ‘ACCEPT’ the match, we’ll send you each other's contact numbers and suggested first date arrangements based on your location and interests.


Hopefully this will be the beginning of your happily ever after, which means we’ll lose you as a client (bittersweet!). If not, just give us some feedback and we’ll go back to the database - We believe there is a dateable for everyone!


What does Dateable mean?

A 'dateable' is an unattached individual who is ready to be in a relationship, who makes an effort, is open-minded, unafraid of taking risks, is authentic, approachable, personable, and attractive (not only physically). Dateable singles are open to being their most authentic self during the introductory process.

How old do you have to be to register for Dateable?

Over 20 years of age

What cities do you currently operate in?

Auckland and Wellington

Is my profile private?

Simple answer, YES. This isn't like online dating where you scroll through hundreds of profiles and see everyone's information. Your profile information is used by us to understand who you are and who you might be best suited to. We only share your profile picture, your age, profession and some of your interests with any selected potential matches.

How is this different to online dating?

You won't get any, "Hey :)" texts and there isn't an audience scrolling through a gallery of your pictures, reading about you and making their own assumptions before you've even met. We do the scrolling and analysing to match you with best fit candidates from our database. We aim for all the introductions we make to only be positive, private and exciting! Gone are the days of endless scrolling and aimless (and cringy) text messages.

So are you like a traditional match-maker?

Consider Dateable a modern-day introductory service. We don't meet everyone for a formal sit down interview; however that doesn't mean we don't take the time to get to know you. After you've completed your online profile, we go through it with a fine tooth comb and if we need to know more, or have a question, we'll give you a call and have a chat over the phone.

What's the difference between a member and a client?

Clients join on a subscription basis (3-month minimum) and are individuals who we actively search for as soon as they join. They pay a reduced match fee when they agree to meet a potential match. Dateable matches presented to you are not guaranteed, but very likely. Members are individuals who don't pay a monthly subscription, just a small joining fee. They are on the database as possible matches for the clients. They also pay a match fee when a match is found and they agree to meet. Dateable matches presented to you are not guaranteed.

Are clients locked into a contract?

Nope. You can cancel anytime. If you cancel within 3-months of signing up, you'll still be a client until the end of your 3-month minimum term.

What's the members' joining fee for?

Think of this joining fee as an administration fee. None of our magic can happen for free unfortunately, so your joining fee allows us to keep working and searching for your dateable match.

What's the 'Match Fee'?

Before a potential match is found for you, HOURS have literally been put into analysing and searching for dateable matches. Match fees are only charged when it's time to confirm the match we've made for you.

How can I upgrade from a 'member' to a 'client'?

Simply login to your Dateable account and on the lefthand side menu select 'CANCEL MEMBERSHIP'. Once that's done, you should see a screen that says 'REACTIVATE MEMBERSHIP' then select the 'Client' membership. All your profile info will be saved when you transfer.

I signed up 3 weeks ago as a client and I haven't had a match yet...

We're not going to send you on a date with just anybody! Trust the process, but it might not happen overnight. If you're a client, you may have a match within the first week, or it might take 12 weeks. We'll always do our best to keep you informed, but feel free to e-mail us if you want a progress update.

Any tips for how I can get the best out of my Dateable experience?

Definitely! We truly believe you'll get out of this, what you put in so approach the idea of meeting a potential match with an open mind, heart and a little sense of adventure. Put your best foot forward and without over-thinking too many of the small details, you're bound to meet some great people and possibly learn a thing or two about yourself. Remind yourself of why you signed up in the first place and put some trust in the people who might suggest meeting someone outside your “type”. Matchmaking is a process – almost never a quick fix that will offer you new experiences as well as connections.

What's the refund policy?

There are no refunds on any of the fees paid (including Match fees) If no potential matches have been presented to a client within the first 3 months, then a refund will be considered on case-by-case basis.

Will I know who I've been matched with before I meet them?

Once a potential match is found, you will be contacted and given some information about the person we've matched you with; their first name, a profile picture, their age, profession, some of their interests and an explanation about why we believe you could make a great match!

How does the first date with my potential match work?

Once you and your match have paid your match fee, we'll send you each other's phone number as well as suggestions for your first meeting (day, time, venue and activity). This is where you take over now. Get in touch with each other and confirm your first meet details.

What if I don't like the look of the person you've matched me with?

Part of our goal is to remove the judgement that comes with dating profile pictures. There is usually more to a person than what you see in one picture, so you should be open to the fact that we have matched you for a reason and that reason might only be discoverable when you actually interact in person.

My match and I hit it off! Now what?

The power is in your hands. We would highly recommend setting up a second date straight away to continue getting to know one another. When you think it's time, let us know and we'll remove your profile from the database.

I met the person you matched me with and we didn't hit it off.

Hopefully that's not the case, however we realise we may not get it right every time straight away. Keep in mind that we have spent time looking at your profile, and there are reasons why you were put together. We would really encourage you to give it some time and attention; remember it can take some individuals a little longer than some to get comfortable and may need another date or two to really show their real selves. However, if it really isn't going any further, then let us know and we'll try again.

My 3 months is up, can I stay on as a client?

Of course! Your subscription remains active until you cancel it. However, if you wish to cancel, simply login to your account to cancel.

How often are your bigger group events?

We aim to host larger singles events a few times a year. These social gatherings will be aimed at particular age groups and will be a fun way to connect with other likeminded singles, offline. Check the events page and Facebook page regularly for updates. If you're keen to suggest a group event in your city, get in touch! hello@dateable.co.nz

How do I cancel my membership?

Simply login to your profile page on the website and there is an option to cancel on the main menu on the left hand side.