12 Awesome Things To Do If You're Single on Valentine's Day

12 Awesome Things To Do If You're Single on Valentine's Day

Wed, 3rd Feb 2021

Cupid’s arrow somehow missed you but just because you don't have a significant other to send “I ‘heart’ YOU” cookies to, doesn't mean you have to miss out on feeling loved, or sharing the love on Valentine’s Day.

Here are 12 awesome things to do when you're single on Valentine's Day:

1. Give flowers to a friend

For the ones who are there during the highs, lows and in-betweens. Real friends deserve flowers.

2. Have fun speed (dating) gaming!

Hosted by Dateable and Archie Brothers, this fun games event for Auckland singles on Feb 14th is speed dating with a twist! Unleash the inner child in you and have a ball at this electric arcade along with other singles who aren’t afraid to have a bit of fun. Click here for tickets and more information

3. Pamper yourself

Take advantage of all the "me-time" you're getting by indulging in a massage or mani-pedi, and guys although there’s no shame in perfectly presented toes and fingernails, there is something languorously luxurious about taking the time to do a traditional wet shave. No need to save it for your wedding day – now’s a good time.

4. Endorphin overload

Laughing gives you endorphins, endorphins equals happy… So get some mates together and hit up a comedy club or watch some stand-up on Netflix.

5. Treat yourself by signing up for a subscription box

Rather than getting treats from someone you love, sign up and get the treats that you love. Who doesn’t love delivered packages on your doorstep EVERY month? Get delivered wine, books, chocolate, beauty products, clothing or snacks and just pretend it’s from a different secret-admirer each month. 

6. Book a solo weekend away

Embarking on a solo weekend away can be so good for the soul! Feb 14th falls on a Sunday this year and since jetting off to a tropical island is out of the question, head somewhere local. Whether it’s a city stay with fluffy robes and room service, or glamping in the wilderness, it can be both relaxing and empowering.

7.  Give up the 'Gram

Social media is drenched in soppy Valentine’s Day stuff from the moment you wake up… so unplug and enjoy a digital detox. You could do without all the eye-rolling and Facebook stalking. 

8. Take a class

Whether it’s a cooking class, a painting session, dance or spin class at your gym, taking a class on Valentine’s Day could lead to so many things. You might pick up a new hobby, make new acquaintances, learn a new skill or discover that you don’t actually enjoy whatever it is you’ve signed up for.

9. Host a singles-only dinner party

Invite all your favourite single people for a dinner party or lazy long Sunday lunch and toast to your independence. Even better, make interesting with a compulsory, plus 1… single of course. 

10. Spruce up 

Changing up your look, routine, mindset or wardrobe with some small adjustments can do a world of good for your inner and outer confidence. Since you’re not forking out hundreds for a dozen red roses this year, booking a session with any of these Dateable Me professionals will be time and money well spent. 

11. Book a couple’s massage

Who said couple’s massages were only for loved up couples? Take your bestie, or family member and enjoy the experience with someone you love. 

12.  Volunteer

You’ll love the feeling of doing good on Valentine’s Day, or any day. Whether it’s a food bank, a community project, gardening or helping out at your local Hospice shop, give your time and you’ll be loved for it. 

Image: Host a singles-only dinner with your mates. (Cred: Cottonbro, Pexels)