10 Date Conversations to Avoid

10 Date Conversations to Avoid

Thu, 13th Apr 2017

1 – Religion/Politics

The two most stereotypical date conversation topics to avoid, but with good reason.

These topics can be as controversial as you can get when it comes to dinner conversation. They can be an absolute minefield when people have such passionate and differing opinions. Talking about them is likely to lead to a heated discussion, and potentially an argument. Not what you want as a first impression.

2 – Your Exes 

This is a difficult topic to navigate, if you say something nice then people might think you are still in love with them, but if you say something negative then people might think you are bitter. There is no right way to tackle a conversation about an Ex on a date, so avoid talking about them completely.

3 - Your Cats

It is great to love your pets. But you are likely to bore the socks off the table if you give a 10-minute presentation on the names and habits of your cats, complete with pictures.

4 – Sex

If you start discussing a personal subject like sex around the dinner table, you are either going to embarrass people, or embarrass yourself. Avoid looking sleazy by leaving those discussions to a more private setting.

5 - Bodily Functions

There is a time and place for toilet humour. That time and place is not around a dinner table, with a group of people you haven’t met before. Don’t put everyone off their meals. Leave the poop/vomit/burp stories in the toilet where they belong.

6 - How Great You Are

Bragging and arrogance is not a good look, and certainly won’t leave a good impression. So, your friends tell you that you are the funniest person they know, or the mirror tells you that you are gorgeous. Let the dinner guests find that out themselves, don’t ram it down their throats. They won’t be impressed by the number of Facebook friends, or Twitter followers you have. Bragging is a turn off, not a turn on.

7 - Gross Stuff 

No one wants to hear about injuries, illnesses or gore while they are trying to eat. Also, keep your health issues to yourself. No one wants to hear about recent surgeries, your medication list or your irritable bowel syndrome. Keep it G-rated to keep the table happy.

8 – Money 

A touchy subject that causes awkwardness. Great if you have it, not so great if you don’t have it. You don’t want to connect with someone on a superficial level. You want your attraction to be based on how much they like you, not the size of your wallet. Also, asking people the details of their salary is a massive invasion of privacy, so don’t go there.

9 – Racism, Sexism, Ageism… basically any -ism 

Bigoted comments do not belong at any dinner table, let alone a group date table. That is all.

10 – Nasty Comments

If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. There is a reason this saying is a classic. Rude comments about the waiter, other diners, or the people at your own table are really hard to recover from. Keep your comments positive and friendly.

The best thing to do is to use your common sense when it comes to date conversation topics. If it’s offensive, gross or inappropriate, don’t say it!