Meet your Dateable match

Whether you are newly single, tired of online-dating or simply ready to find romance, Dateable is a modern-day introductory service that offers you the opportunity to go offline and explore a real connection with other Dateable singles.

Think of Dateable as your personal dating concierge. We are dedicated to finding genuine dateable matches for you to meet beyond the screen.

Why Dateable?

01. Bring excitement BACK

...into dating. Know that someone has invested time into finding genuine people for you to meet beyond the screen, and open the doors to real connection.

02. All sorted for YOU

...Dating can be stressful and time consuming - think of us as your personal dating concierge. We find you a match and even help set up your first date, so you can focus on getting to know each other.

03. REAL matches

...Not just an algorithm. Human intuition, insight and careful consideration is taken to find genuine matches, handpicked for you. We look at the whole picture, not just a profile picture. Don't be surprised if we get in touch during the process to check in, clarify or run something past you.

04. Meet someone DATEABLE

...No catfishers! Our members are open-minded, personable, attractive (not just physical), and available. They are making an effort to form a real connection, and are open to being their most authentic self during the introductory process.


...Using numerous online dating sites can cost you not only time, but a lot of money, and sometimes you only get an online chat out of it. Without breaking the bank, take comfort in knowing your dating concierge is working hard behind the scenes for you, hoping for your 'happily ever after'.

06. EXCEPTIONAL customer service

...100% kiwi owned and operated. We're just a text, call or email away and our service doesn't end with match-making. If you're worried about making the right first impression, we have several professionals on the team to help enhance your 'dateability', including a personal stylist, a hair and makeup consultant, and mindset and confidence coaches.